New role with the RLF

Lucy Cavendish College announces new Royal Literary Fund Fellow

Rebecca Goss

Rebecca Goss, a poet, tutor and mentor, returns to college to foster good writing practice

In October 2020, Rebeccca will take up the role of inaugural Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Lucy Cavendish and describes it as a ‘huge honour’.  Rebecca has a longstanding relationship with the college – reading at the Women’s Word festival in 2010 and then taking part in the Connections: Science, Poetry and the Brain project in 2019

Rebecca will be returning to the College, once again as a writer, but this time able to engage with students directly. As stated on the RLF website, the principal aim of the Fellow’s work is to foster good writing practice across disciplines and media. Rebecca says:

“I am thrilled to be coming to Lucy Cavendish, and have always felt so welcome. I will be there to assist students and staff from across the College with their writing skills. I feel this is exactly the right time in my career to be taking up this role. I am an experienced published poet with four books, but I also recently returned to university myself, as a mature student. I completed a PhD by Publication at UEA in 2019, and during my time there learnt a lot about academic writing. I feel I can share my experiences now, of being an undergraduate at 18, and also a mature student at 45!” 

Rebecca’s main tasks will be to assist in the practice of good and clear academic writing. Students from across the university will be able to book a consultation with a sample of their work. Not being a subject specialist, Rebecca won’t be commenting on content, but she will be looking closely at style and technique and helping students to move their essays forward. 

Rebecca continues:

“I would like to help relieve students of any writing anxiety they may be experiencing. I will not be their tutor but the dynamic will be a confidential and unique one. I hope students will make the most of my presence at Lucy Cavendish, to come and talk about their academic writing in a relaxed and comfortable space.”  

See the video of my commissioned Connections poem ‘After Zika’ here

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