I am an experienced tutor of creative writing.  I taught on the undergraduate creative writing degree at Liverpool John Moores University for many years.  I have run writing workshops for all ages in schools, universities, libraries, in association with literary festivals and in the community.  I regularly tutor for the Arvon Foundation and The Poetry School  and have taught for Writers’ Centre Norwich and The Saw Trust.  You can read about an Arvon course I co-tutored at Lumb Bank, working with teenagers here. I am fully DBS (formerly CRB) checked.

I provide private, one-to-one mentoring (via email/Skype/in person) for the development of poetry writing projects/manuscripts. In 2015, I worked with poet and artist Liz Hall on her performance poetry sequence This New Land She Has Reached staged in Sheffield in December 2015, with plans to tour. In 2016/17 I mentored the poet Victoria Kennefick and in 2017 I worked with forthcoming Eyewear poet Jo Burns. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss a mentoring project.

My teaching also crosses over into medical humanities.  In 2015 I ran poetry workshops with students studying medicine at The University of Manchester. I am interested in using poetry as a tool to explore issues of empathy and communication between patients and medical staff. The day was very successful and I wrote about it here.


‘I highly recommend working with Rebecca – a sensitive, expert, kind and enthusiastic mentor. It was a total game-changer for me.’ – Victoria Kennefick, mentee, 2016/17 

‘Working with Rebecca improved my sense for my own poems enormously. With her kind but accurate eye for detail, I was able to look at my work from a reader’s perspective and edit or rewrite accordingly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rebecca and always looked forward to our mentor/mentee sessions. Rebecca was instrumental in helping me fine tune my first (to-be-published) pamphlet length collection for Eyewear Publishing. It was the best investment in my poetry that I have ever made.’ – Jo Burns, mentee, 2017

‘I recently attended an eight week evening course run by Rebecca – this was intensive and very good value. Rebecca had meticulously prepared written materials and had put a lot of thought into each session. She provided great encouragement and supportive critical feedback throughout. The group was very sorry to disband!’ – participant on Writing Poetry Course, Suffolk, Jan-March 2017. 

‘Rebecca provided a wonderful variety of resources, topics and ideas for writing our own poems, which created a really rich journey over eight weeks. When it came to sharing our own poems she was a good listener and helped us to be likewise, attentive to the details that had gone into the poem but also keen, once we talked about the inspiration for the work, to maximise that inspiration within the poem. She made us all believe we are poets and that the world of poetry is ours to be part of.’ – participant on Writing Poetry Course, Suffolk, Jan-March 2017.

‘Rebecca provided hugely useful insights into my writing. She was generous and encouraging, yet keen to identify improvements and suggest solutions. Her careful scrutiny was invaluable in that I am now beginning to hear my own ‘inner editor’ and subject my poems to greater evaluative reading and redrafting. I cannot thank her enough because she took me through a process that could so easily feel uncomfortable with care, kindness and an unerring sense that my work had worth, and for that I will always be grateful.’ – participant on Writing Poetry Course, Suffolk, Jan-March 2017. 

‘Being mentored by Rebecca was a thoroughly beneficial and pleasurable experience. The sessions felt relaxed enough so that we could both be honest and open about trying ideas and discarding what didn’t work. Her skill and generous insights helped me nip, tuck and polish my poems so that they became sharper and more fresh and I really appreciated the boost it gave my work and my confidence as a writer.’ – Liz Hall, mentee, 2015.

‘Rebecca was one of the most successful writer’s visits we have had over the years. Both teachers and students got a lot out of her visit. Students were completely engaged and feedback was very enthusiastic.  Rebecca completely understood the nature of her audience, trusting their maturity and interest and this was reflected  in their attentiveness.  All sessions were clearly carefully prepared and structured.  In fact the visit was so successful, we aim to invite her back in on a regular basis.’  – Alison Shelley, English teacher, Colchester Sixth Form College, Essex.

‘We were kept busy all the time, had the break when we needed it, and ‘things’ were kept moving but at a pace that we could keep up with. A very industrious atmosphere was established from the beginning and the momentum was maintained. Really enjoyable.’

 ‘Well planned; a variety of activities; well-led; supportive, engaging manner; structured activities.’

‘Enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who gave very positive feedback to the participants. First exercise and the poems we looked at were very well presented and interesting.’

– participant feedback from a workshop for Writers’ Centre Norwich

‘I think you can gauge by people’s enthusiastic response to the workshop – and the 100% concentration – that our group loved every minute of Saturday morning’.  – Pam Job, participant in my workshop for Poetry Wivenhoe

‘Rebecca Goss was involved with The Reader Organisation for several events during her years in Liverpool. She gave poetry readings, participated in panel discussions and delivered writing workshops. Rebecca was able to work with groups of varying size, ages and ability. Her workshops included a wide range of texts, and with her guidance, participants were able to explore, understand and enjoy contemporary poetry.’ – Jane Davis, Director of The Reader Organisation

If you think I would be suitable for a tutoring opportunity, do get in touch: gosspoems@hotmail.co.uk


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  2. I live in a tower, built by Abbott Samson in 1296. It’s in the great churchyard, Bury St. Edmunds. The tower has foundations laid by King Canute in 1021. For ten years I have run a creative writing course for bereaved parents at the annual gathering of The Compassionate Friends and now have a collection of 48 poems, which I would like to see if I could get them published. I’d be most grateful if you could suggest a publisher who might be interested. Can I send you a couple of the poems so that you can assess their potential for publishing?

    You can check Samson’s Tower, Bury St. Edmunds out on the internet. Also my wife Barbara Ann, whose own mother was learning disabled . Barbara has an OBE, has published 26 books and hundreds of scientific papers. She has four International Lifetime Achievement Awards amongst other things! She can be checked out on the internet, Barbara Ann Wilson, Neuropsychologist. We lost our daughter in a white water rafting accident. She was never found. I’m eighty three and not good with computers. Love your poems and they inspired many bereaved mothers and fathers on the workshops I ran for TCF. I’m Suffolk born and bred!

    Mick Wilson

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