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It’s publication day for Carousel.  The book is the result of a very gentle and enjoyable eight year collaboration with my friend, the writer and photographer Chris Routledge.  It started as a blog, with posts published erratically. The project experienced long dormant periods, but I’ve always loved every photograph Chris has ever sent me, and loved the conversations we had, resulting from seeing our work placed side by side.

Luke Thompson, editor of Guillemot Press approached us last year, interested to see the work, with the option of turning it into a publication.  Luke was aware of my poems having commissioned me for his unique Triptychs project in 2017. I knew that Guillemot Press made very lovely books.  Luke’s interest made Chris and I sit up and sort ourselves out. We returned to look closely at the work we already had. Chris took more photographs, I wrote more poems. The collaboration gained some coherence.

I’ve spent eight years looking at this project on a screen.  Now I can hold it. Guillemot Press has made a beautiful, tangible thing and I thank them very much.  It’s being produced as a limited edition, only 200 copies. Do take a look at Guillemot’s site to find out more about it.  Thank you.

Chris and I will be launching Carousel at The Open Eye Gallery, in Liverpool on Thursday December 6th, 6-8pm. We will be joined by special guest, Guillemot Press poet Amy McCauley.

3 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. Dear Rebecca

    Congratulations on the publication of Carousel! I have just hopped on the horse and ordered a copy from Guillemot – don’t want to miss out. I wish we could come to the launch, but we have tickets for the NT’s Antony & Cleopatra, live on screen at the Barbican. I’m sure you will have other launches… let me know.

    · And in other news, the proof copy of Vision on Platform 2 arrived yesterday and it’s great to hold it in my hands! When the real books arrive in a box, I will send you a copy, of course. Thanks for midwifing it. I’ll attach a copy of the cover, with Mike’s cousin’s painting on the front. On the back cover, you will notice that I have lifted a couple of phrases from your comments on the ms. I hope you don’t mind… you are effusively acknowledged inside.

    · And even more news – Mike and I are reading in Ipswich the evening of Thursday 8 November at Quay Place Heritage & Wellbeing Centre, a repurposed church, on Quay Street IP4 1BZ.

    It’s a concert of music and poetry to mark the end of WW1. The program looks really exciting – I’m particularly interested in how the gorgeous and varied music will be interwoven with the poems. It would be lovely if you could come. But if not, maybe we can visit you in Hadleigh on the way up, or the day after? We’re staying overnight at the Premier Inn on Quay Street.

    Looking forward to hooking up with you by crook or coincidence or proper planning, whenever we both can manage it!

    Love, Nancy xx

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